Search for All File Types (Windows XP)
Windows normally only includes registered file types when searching for files and folders. This tweak can be used to enable searching of all file types.

Use Classic Search in Explorer (Windows XP)
This tweak allows you to disable the new Search Assistant and use the traditional search interface in Explorer.

Show Filter in Active Directory Search Results (Windows 2000/XP)
This setting controls whether a filter box, which allows you to filter based on additional parameters, is shown above the Active Directory search results.

Change the Number of Active Directory Search Results (Windows 2000/XP)
This setting specifies the number of search results to be returned from a Active Directory query. This allows you to increase or decrease the default 10,000 objects.

Change Default Search Options (Windows XP)
These settings allow you to change the default search options used to search for files and folders on Windows XP.

Hide the Search Button on the Explorer Toolbar (Windows 2000/XP)
This restriction allows you to remove the search button from the "Standard Buttons" toolbar in Windows Explorer.