Clear Past Icons from the Tray Notification Area (Windows XP)
This tweak allows you to clear the Past Items list in the customized notifications area of the systray.

Change the Taskbar Group Size (Windows XP)
This setting defines the number of open windows of the same application before they are grouped together on the taskbar.

Disable Balloon Tips (Windows XP)
Windows sometimes offers tips and advice to new users by opening a balloon window from the taskbar. The feature can disabled using this tweak.

Automatically Hide Inactive Tray Icons (Windows XP)
This setting controls whether running tray programs should be hidden automatically when they are not active.

Lock the Size and Position of the Taskbar (Windows Me/XP)
This setting is used to lock or unlock the size and position of the taskbar on the Windows desktop.

Group Similar Taskbar Buttons (Windows XP)
This setting is used to control whether similar items are grouped together as a single item or are displayed as individual buttons on the taskbar.

Disable Taskbar Context Menus (All Windows)
This setting removes the context menus (right click on the taskbar) for the system tray, including the Start button, Tab control, and Clock.

Remove the Start Banner on the Taskbar (All Windows)
Hide the bouncing arrow and the "Click Here to Begin" caption that appear on the taskbar when you start Windows.