Repair the Registry Editor (Windows 2000/Me/XP)
This tweak allows you to reset the location and parameters of the Registry Editor (REGEDIT) back to the system defaults. This is useful if Regedit is not being displayed correctly.

Repair the Icon Cache (All Windows)
Use this setting if Windows is displaying incorrect or corrupted icons for your programs and shortcuts.

Repair the Office Shortcut Bar (All Windows)
This tweak will resolve problems where you are unable to customize buttons on the Office XP Shortcut Bar or the buttons appear blank.

Repair Internet Explorer Printing Errors
If you are using Internet Explorer and are experiencing blank pages when you print or incorrectly displayed print preview information then this tweak may resolve the problem.

Repair Dialog Boxes Sorting (All Windows)
When viewing files and folders from a Windows dialog box the items may be sorted incorrectly. For example, files may be listed before folders, items may be sorted in descending order, and so on. This tweak should resolve this problem.

Are You Missing Fonts from the Fonts Folder? (All Windows)
A font may seem to be installed correctly but does not appear in the Fonts folder because the Fonts key in the registry is missing or damaged.

Repair the Taskbar (All Windows)
If your taskbar has disappeared from the desktop or becomes hidden when you move your cursor near, it may be due to a corrupt registry key.

New Command Missing in Windows Explorer (All Windows)
After you install Internet Explorer with the Windows Desktop Update component you may notice that the New command is missing from the right-click context menu. This tip will help you fix the problem.